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Justin Berkovi is an internationally established dance music producer, remixer and live act having recorded for a plethora of labels such as Music Man, Djax-up-beats, Harthouse, Force Inc, Projex, Klang, Predicaments, Sonic Groove and many more. In addition to these activities he has written articles for Future Music magazine (UK) reviewing hi tech studio equipment, worked with Yamaha and Roland on sound and pattern design for their products and has set up and run his own creative design agency catering for a wide range of clients. Justin's music has taken him all over the globe from the most intimate of clubs to the largest of festivals. Some clubs and festivals played: Tresor (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Minsitry of Sound (London), Ambassada Gavioli (Slovenia), Rex (Paris), TLV (Tel Aviv), Amnesia (Ibiza), Dancevalley (Holland), Nature One / Liberty One (Germany), Love Parade (Berlin), I Love Techno (Belgium), 10 Days off (Belgium) and more. He's not only worked dancefloors but has created experimental electronica (Charm Hostel) and produced a Peel Session for the BBC. Having cemented his place in the techno history books at a relatively early stage in his career Berkovi's sound is truly unique and cannot be pigeonholed. Production-wise Justin has produced five solo albums, a live album and countless 12"s and remixes. He's also been licensed by major labels to a host of mix cd's and compilations. In 2006 Music Man released two killer remixes from Justin's 'PASSION' album which was first released towards the end of 2004. Joris Voorn and Christian Wunsch turn in two very different remixes for 'Rising' and 'Subvert'. After a break from producing Justin returns with new material in 2007 and still rocks clubs with his new live / DJ set.

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