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Justin Mauriello is the lead singer and guitarist for the alternative rock band Darling Thieves (previously I Hate Kate). Mauriello first gained attention as a founding member, rhythm guitarist and co-lead singer of the band Zebrahead. Mauriello was a founding member of the band Zebrahead, along with lead guitarist Greg Bergdorf and drummer Ed Udhus (both formerly of the band 409), and bassist Ben Osmundson (formerly of the band 3-Ply). All of the member's bands had the same practice space, and they began to experiment with different sounds and became friends. Eventually, they all quit their other bands and Zebrahead was formed. They found themselves uninspired by the local trends of ska-punk and decided to add elements of hip-hop in their sound, eventually recruiting rapper Ali Tabatabaee. The band first became noticed after their minor radio hit Get Back off of their debut album Waste of Mind. Their next album, Playmate of the Year, also had some success, and their music video for Playmate of the Year was aired frequently on Playboy TV. Their third album, MFZB, named after the Zebrahead fanclub, was a commercial success. Mauriello started to have creative differences with the other members of Zebrahead, and shortly after their 2004 Japanese Tour, left the band, and was replaced by Matty Lewis. Mauriello had founded the band Darling Thieves (then I Hate Kate) while still in Zebrahead, and it became his new band. Darling Thieves has released their first album Embrace the Curse. They have released music videos for the singles of the album "It's Always Better" and "Bed of Black Roses." Mauriello has recently released a cover album, Justin Sings the Hits, which includes a cover of Lady Gaga's Poker Face.

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