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Justin Skomarovsky is a film music composer. His re-arranged music of The Rock and Pearl Harbour which were always on the top of the film music chart in mp3.com and he's got recognition from many other artists (e.g. Justin R. Durban). He was only 16 years old when he sequenced/wrote these profoundly moving music. His music, with a very melodic writing line utilized, and the rich orchestration adds significantly more counter, power and emotions to the themes, which express the atmosphere of the scenes very well. The door has opened and he scored his first movie soundtrack. Collaboration with David Newman, he composed an additional music track for the movie Ice Age (2002). He was invited to contribute one of his music compositions, "Age of War", to be included in the video game "Call of Duty" as the introduction music. He has been composing, performing and arranging film music since 2002, some of his scores include: - Wind Chill (2007) (musician: piano) - Smokin' Aces (2006) (score arranger) - The Fountain (2006) (score arranger) - Ice Age (2002) (composer: additional music) - Call of Duty: United Offensive - Age of War (2004) (Video Game)

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