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Justin Warfield is currently the lead singer for the Los Angeles darkwave band She Wants Revenge. Formerly, he released two hip-hop albums called Steppin' with Sound in 1991, and My Field Trip to Planet 9 in 1993. Just as he was gaining notoriety in the hip-hop industry, he released a self-titled psychedelic rock album under the artist name, and name of his band, The Justin Warfield Supernaut in 1995. Once again, in 1996, with no apparent concern for the musical press, he changed his style again and co-released a crossover album as One Inch Punch. Warfield continued to guest appear in music videos, work with other bands, and DJ before he met Adam 12 in the early 2000s in the LA DJ scene. Since then, he has collaborated with The Chemical Brothers, Timbaland, and others, and he DJs with fellow She Wants Revenge band member Adam 12 in the L.A. area. Together, they form the darkwave duo She Wants Revenge.

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