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Justin William’s story is one of inspiration, hope and persistence that ignites the human spirit and provokes an emotional journey that can only be expressed through his music. Born in Ravenna Ohio, Justin discovered his passion for music at the early age of 6. Performing in local talent shows and playing in roles such as Tiny Tim in the Off-Broadway musical, “A Christmas Carol”, Justin soon realized his talent extended beyond just singing. A self-taught songwriter and pianist, Justin began writing and composing his own music. During Justin’s journey he was faced with the most troubling and unexpected news of his early adult life. At just 20 year’s old Justin was diagnosed with cancer. With his music career on hold, a humbled and fearless Justin set out to conquer his greatest accomplishment. Over the next several months Justin endured multiple surgeries and months of chemotherapy and today he is happy to say he is cancer free. Justin’s determination to live has given him the fuel to embark on a journey to inspire those who feel hopeless. In 2009 Justin took his talent to the big stage and competed in the hit TV series American Idol as a Top 60 contestant. In 2010 America’s hearts were opened up once again to Justin during an American Idol feature story on his battle with cancer. Winning over the judges and America’s hearts with his emotionally charged audition, Justin made it to Hollywood Week and was quoted by Kara DioGuardi as being “Someone she will remember”. Despite an early dismissal from American Idol, Justin describes his experience as one of self-discovery and becoming. Today, Justin’s voice has been heard across the world by millions of people. Touring in Japan and working with Yoko-Ono on a charity peace project for the Children’s Hope Foundation, Justin discovered first hand the importance of giving back. In succession with his vocal performances, Justin has earned numerous accolades for songwriting, most notably taking part in winning the John Lennon singer-songwriter competition. Recently Justin was signed to LA based indie record label Tri-Mind Entertainment and has been co-writing his new single “Fly” with Michael Figueroa of Warner Chapel. Fly is set to release on November 9th 2010. Justin’s experiences and opportunities have shaped him into the artist he is today, one who’s mission is to inspire the world with his story through the universal language of music.

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