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Justus biography

Berlin-based Rapper Justus (formerly known as Justus Jonas) is a member of the legendary MOR crew, but also released as a solo artist. He is outstanding with his ingenious lyrics, and for his flows he is regarded as one of the best german rappers by some. At the moment he is studying law. + releases * 1999: Neue Wahrheit (Tape) [new truth] * 2000: Splidtterchrist (Tape) * 2002: Zeichen und Muster (Soloalbum) [signs and patterns] * 2002: Was ihr wollt (EP) [what you want] * 2002: Dreck (EP) [dirt] + collabos * 2001: MOR - NLP (Album) * 2001: MOR - NEP (EP) * 2005: MOR - HipHop is still OK (Mixtape) * 2006: Aus Liebe (Collabo-Album with Taktloss) [out of love] * 2007: MOR - Simply The Best (Album)

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