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Justyna Steczkowska (b. August 2, 1972 in Rzeszów, Poland) is a Polish singer, song-writer and occasional actress. She comes from a very musical family. She played violin in a family band but then she decided that she wants to sing. Justyna Steczkowska became famous when she won one of the most popular song contests in Poland Szansa na sukces with a song "Boskie Buenos (buenos aires)". Later, she represented Poland in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Sama", ("Alone") which was placed eighteenth. With her wide scale voice she continues to amaze her fans with her albums. After a few CDs with her own songs she released Alkimja an album with Jewish songs and Polish words. Then came "Femme Fatale" album with the greatest songs of the most "Fatale" women of all time. In 2007 after a brief pause the singer made a spectacular comeback with Daj mi chwilę (Give Me a Moment), an album that recieved positive reviews both from fans and critics. Justyna's songs also gained a strong airplay, an unusual for her. Consequently, her next musical project - a record with lullabies written entirely by her - was met with praise from her audience and the CD was certified gold. She's currently promoting her new all-original album To mój czas (This is my time) and working on three different projects: the second part of lullabies, a remix album and a musical. She appeared in two films: Billboard and Na koniec świata (To the End of the World), took part in the Polish edition of Dancing with the Stars (the sixth edition) where she came in second and in co-hosted Dancing on Ice.

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