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Jyukai biography

Jyukai (樹海) is a Japanese Pop rock band formed in the summer of 2004, composing of singer & songwriter, Manami Watanabe (渡辺愛未) together with guitarist and composer Yoshiaki Dewa (出羽良彰). They mainly performed live in Osaka at the beginning of their career, and later released their debut single on March 15, 2006 titled "あなたがいた森" (Anata ga Ita Mori). It was used as the ending song to anime "Fate / stay night". Jyukai's second single "恋人同士" (Koibito Doushi) was the 2nd ending theme to anime Oh My Goddess!. Their first album Wild Flower was released in November of the same year. In 2006 the group took a little hiatus, and Manami using the stage name Aimmy started a solo career, while Dewa focused himself in works as a studio musician. In 2009 they reunited again, and released their first compilation album in January 2010.

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