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K-nitrate biography

'K-Nitrate' began life in early 1993 with Graham Rayner and Steve Etheridge. Their highly anticipated first album, 'Xenophobia' was released within months. With its fiercely political commentary of the first Gulf War, 'Xenophobia' pulled no punches with tracks like "Human Shield" and "Killer Religion". 'Xenophobia' was a superlative debut. 1996 saw the recruitment of guitarist Dan and the release the 'Hyperphobia' EP. 'Hyperphobia' contained remixes of material from 'Xenophobia' and five new tracks that showcased the band's move to a more intense live sound. Shortly after the release of 'Hyperphobia' both Etheridge and Dan left 'K-Nitrate' to persue other projects, whilst Rayner continued alone. During his involvement with breakbeat side project, 'Tramazi', Rayner was introduced to programmer Christian Weber. The result of this musical union meant 'K-Nitrate' gigged extensively for the next few years, whilst simultaneously providing remixes for various artists as time permitted. In 2007 'K-Nitrate' released their second full studio album, 'Active Cell'. 'Active Cell' brings together the various influences of some of the very best of underground dance combined with songs of the calibre and quality one expects from veterans Rayner and Weber into one absolute behemoth of an album.

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