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n 2008, Alexei Gorshenev and Stephanie Starr formed K Republic (originally called K). What initially began as an English-language spin-off of Kukryniksy, platinum-selling Russian rock band, K Republic is now a powerful musical entity that combines stark rock contrasts with dreamy harmony and electronica. K Republic's music is a reflection of its times with an international sound and a borderless vibe that taps into a collective understanding of music belonging to the universe. A Rolling Stone Russia write-up in 2010 called K Republic's signature sound "Euro country gothic" and Ravenheart's music review in 2011 likened K Republic to a "cross between The Mission, The Damned, The Walker Brothers, Love and Shania Twain." A project massive in scope, K Republic has written music from across the planet, across languages and styles. In 2010, K Republic released its debut LP, All Those Things I Left Behind through Studio Novi Records. Their upcoming album has been in the works for 3 years and is scheduled for release in August 2013.

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