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There are more than one artists with the name "K-System". Kimmo Kauppinen (27), a Finnish DJ/producer, started a project called K-SYSTEM in 1999. Although young, Kimmo is truly a seasoned dance-music professional both in his live performance and his songwriting abilities: Kimmo has been DJing since the age of 13, developing and working on his own style and material along the way. In late '90s Kimmo noticed that he had enough ideas and own material to release his first single 'Come To Me' (July 1999). 'Come To Me' reached the Finnish Dance Chart immediately and stayed on the chart for eight weeks. The highest position was #8 and the track received a lot of praise among the Finnish DJs. According to Kimmo his music is not only trance or house in the strictest sense: "My intention is to make good dance tracks, not to get stuck in one category". This is also reflected in the live-shows which are true live set including female vocalist & dancers. Third single 'Set U Free', with its catchy, floating synths and strong MCing provided by Luzid, has entered the Finnish, Scandinavian, Norwegian and Swedish Dance Charts right after the release. In Finland 'Set U Free' stayed #1 for 7 weeks! The single was also released in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Australia. 4th single 'SupaDupaSound' reached #3 on Finnish Dance Chart and #8 on sales chart. Next the K-SYSTEM posse will be heading abroad. All four singles have appeared on compilations in Southern Europe and the interest has been immense. Album 'SUPADUPASOUNDS' released in September 24th, 2001 and jumped to Finnish Album Chart right away (first week #26)! 'Rok The Discotheque'-single was released in October 2001 and it also reached TOP10 positions in Finnish and Scandinavian Dance Charts! 'Clubmaster', the last single from the first album, was released in May 2002. The new single 'Sound Of Arena' was released in August-September 2003 in Scandinavia. It reached #1 position in local Finnish dance chart and #3 in Finnish Dance Chart (DeeJay Promotion). TOP30 position in Scandinavian Dance Chart. Around the same time K-System mixed Ministry of Sound "Clubbers guide to Finland" album which was the most sold collection album for several weeks. The second single 'Dream My Dream' is an elegant dance track with a bit softer K-System sounds. Radios are also happy with the strong melody and vocals by Sören F. The single includes energetic Miika Kuisma vs. Raymond Wave -Remix and video that has been shooted in mind blowing landscape in Faroe Islands. Third local Finnish release was 'Guardian Angel' with strong vocals, released February 2004. The track grew to be the biggest Finnish dancehit of the year 2004. Highest chart positions were on #2 on Finnish Dance Chart and #1 on the Official Finnish Disco Chart. In addition Finnish DJs chose the track as the best dance-track of the year 2004, leaving behind acts such as Dallas Superstars and Bomfunk Mc´s. In March was the second K-System album ´Sleep Is The Enemy´ released. It contained 10 hotter than hot dance tracks. On it´s first week the album rose to position #25 on the Finnish Official Album Chart. At fall 2004 was the latest K-System release L.O.V.E. (a little piece of heaven), which again shook dance floors all over Finland with great success resulting in high positions on both Finnish dance charts (Finnish Dance Chart and the Official Finnish Disco Chart). In spring 2005 K-System will start compiling material for the future album. ------ Source: http://www.k-system.nu/

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