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K-the-i??? biography

Born Kiki Ceac in a city known for cultivating powerful young minds at institutions such as Harvard and MIT, K-The-I??? cut his teeth in high school freestyle cyphers and starting making a name for himself after collaborations with Cambridge, MA crews such as The Lost Channel and Komadose in the early 2000s. His rep continued to grow on energetic live sets both locally and abroad based around the retro-futuristic stylings of his Mush era releases. Upon his migration from the east coast to L.A. and headfirst immersion in the Low End Theory-centered beat scene, a new sense of purpose and direction was imbued in the 15 year veteran K-The-I??? While his spastic machinations retain a glitchy serrated edge, they are now injected with a warm sense of melody upon a backbone of vibrant synths and brilliantly-culled samples. The densely-layered mania of his Fake Four Inc. debut Synesthesia is the realization of a singular circuit-bending mind, equally influenced by Mike Patton and Street Fighter 2, and a testament to natural yet expansive growth. With a vision forged from two decades worth of underground experimentation on both coasts, the enigmatic K-The-I??? has turned a drastic corner with the release of his first instrumental record Synesthesia. Harnessing the dystopian sci-fi aesthetics which raised eyebrows and drew comparisons to Company Flow on 2008’s Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow and fusing them with the hotbed of creativity that is the L.A. beat scene, K-The-I??? has concocted a wildly original formula on his new record. While the last album found the California transplant firing breathless darts over Thavius Beck production, Synesthesia is the formal announcement of K-The-I??? as auteur. He has put down the microphone for this 13 track affair and diagrammed a polished, space age cacophony with key contributions from comrades Ceschi, Sole, and Myka 9.

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