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K-traxx biography

Unlike some people think, K-Traxx is not Cristiano Giusberti. K-Traxx is an alias used by Antonio Donà, one of the main producers from the Saifam group, along with Cristiano. In the early days of Hardstyle Antonio and Cristiano were responsible for big Hardstyle classics like 'First Match', 'Age of reverse bass', 'Raver's Rules', 'Hardventure', and 'Bad Manners'. Back then, Antonio spent most of his time in the studios to produce. Nowadays, Antonio can be seen on stage more often, performing on his own (K-Traxx, Tuneboy) or together with Cristiano and others (Hardstyle Masterz, The KGB's, The Hose, Dark Oscillators, TNT and Builder to name a few). It's clear that we haven't heard the last of Antonio!

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