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Kaan Demirel is a young producer from Turkey. He was burn in 1991. The beginning of electronic music in 2007. Kaan Demirel started his music life as a child, when he was 6 years old he started to play guitar and played it until he was 14. After a while he recognized that this was not the right thing for him so he stopped playing it. he was so amazed from electronic music that he started to make it as an amateur, when he was 15. After a while he produced new sounds and tried to thing of which sounds he want to make in the future. Now he's out of being an amateur,now he goes with big steps to be a profi in trance music. In his sounds you can see that emotion and energy are at the front. He always makes sounds which surprise the listeners and he makes remixes with many DJs and producers. At first he made illegal remixes with midis he founded on the internet and so showed that he is one in a billion and he proved that his sound is different. Now he is focusing extremly on his sounds and will surprise us very often in the near future..:) _______________________________________________________________________________ Kaan Demirel'stracks have been supported by Armin Van Buuren,Jochen Miller,Sean Tyas,DJ Fell,Suzy Solar,Talla 2XLC ,Manuel Le Saux,Ernesto Vs Bastian,Misja Helsloot,tyDi,Tom Colontonio,M.I.K.E.,Simon Bostock,Sasha Dubrovsky,Paul Miller,Ronald de Foe

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