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Liron van Daalen, aka Kabale und Liebe has proven himself in the last few years to be one of the ambassadors of the new Amsterdam house and techno sound. Having the renowned labels 100% Pure and Remote Area as his homebase, he also founded a his own label in 2009 together with Lauhaus called SOWESO. His tracks, such as ‘Mumbling Yeah’, ‘Makake’ and ‘Disco BZRK’ have been well received by established artists such as 2000 and One, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Vath, Luciano and Marco Carola. His track ‘Mumbling Yeah’ was elected best of 2007 by Resident Advisor. Growing up in the south of Holland, Liron starts deejaying at the age of 12, triggered by mixtapes from raves given by his older cousin. Already making a name in his hometown Breda, he moves to Amsterdam at the age of 18. Liron starts spending more and more time in the studio. After he returns from a year of travelling across the globe -full of inspiration- he fully commits himself to producing music and comes up with the alias Kabale und Liebe, taken from a German book by Friedrich Schiller. Kabale und Liebe’s liveset is built for improvisation. Being flexible and adjustable to different crowds and frequently updated with new ideas it is never the same. This is significant for the sound of Kabale und Liebe, which can be described as a fusion of warm driving techno and edgy house music with a view at the future. In 2007 Kabale und Liebe and his friends Lauhaus, David Labeij, Julien Chaptal, Boris Werner and Quazar MG started a project called Amsterdam 661. A live improvisation group that performs with 5 people behind their computers and 1 behind a mixer. This special act is signified by the mix and hearable influence of every member of the group and is also characterized by the show of 6 friends boogying all in their own way on stage. Having played at clubs and festivals such as Panoramabar, Club 11, Tenax, Watergate, Café D’Anvers, Rex Club, Space, I Love Techno, Awakenings, Voltt and Welcome to the Future Kabale und Liebe has gained quite some experience in playing for different crowds. With his personal character that is conscious, playful, eager to learn and a little stubborn, Kabale und Liebe sets out to continue sharing his passion with the world, MUSIC.

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