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I was born in the early 90ies– the time when nobody heard about electronic music in Ukraine yet. I was always impressed by the harmonically combination of sounds which by connecting together created its inimitable, unique sound. In my childhood I could have listened my elder sister playing the piano for a long time and always wanted to touch to that something that was originated in this instrument. In the beginning of a new Millennium compact-disks of such musicians like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Daft Punk appeared in our county. The acquaintance of such compositions first happened in the end of 2006 when I first heard an album “A Lively Mind”, Paul Oakenfold. Since that time the irrepressible longing appeared inside of me. In 2006 I started working on my first program. I had noone to advise me at that time and I had everything at my fingertips. Step by step new things were opened and I understood that music isn..t only a right combination of sounds, it is also hard work – If you strive to seek success you have to work zealously. Frankly speaking, it gave me such a pleasure. At that year I produced several compositions always editing, performing, changing something. It always seemed to me that I must not stop at any case and soon I must reveal a secret. In 2007 I changed the program I had worked on and my own attitude and not only to the producing. I started paying attention on the quality of sounding. People that were interested in music surrounded me, they helped and supported me and this gave me extra stimulus. there were also some hard moments, when it seemed to me that I am not able to do something, nor am able to understand - I lost heart. But after all I returned to work. Now 3 years later, I understand that producing music – like any other case – needs patience, capacity for work, dedication and love for your profession. this helps not to stop and improve yourself. My child dream is beginning to come true – i touch the magic world of music step by step. http://www.myspace.com/kabaman

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