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Kabanos biography

Kabanos is a self-proclaimed "moroncore" band from Piaseczno, Poland. The act's beginnings can be traced to 1997, when founding member Zenon Kutapasa (then known as Zenon Danon) assembled two of his cronies in his bedroom and recorded the three of them yelling hastily written lyrics over instrumental backgrounds thrown together from various tapes (including the works of Nirvana, Silverchair etc). Two additional "albums" in this style were created up to 2001, each improving on the predecessor's audio processing quality and performance. At this point, a proper band line-up was assembled, leading to the act's first proper concert (September 2nd 2001). Eventually, Kabanos decided to try their hand at making their own material, and the debut single "Za X" was recorded in 2002. A few member changes later, a proper full-length "Zęby w ścianę" saw the light of day in 2007. "Flaki z olejem" followed in 2009, and the group's most recent full-length of original material is "Kiełbie we łbie" from 2012. Kabanos is evolving from release to release, letting their growing musical abilities shine and gradually replacing the off-the-wall ramblings of their earlier materials with easily discernible, more mature themes.

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