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Kabuki biography

Kabuki is the name of more than one artist: 1) A veteran DJ of Germany's drum & bass scene and high-profile producer. Brought up as a classical guitarist, studying composition and abandoning everything for the thrill of electronic music. Co-founder of the label Precision Breakbeat Research in Frankfurt. Except for music ranging from Steve Reich to John Barry, Kabuki's heart belongs to the Asian cinema and martial arts. No wonder he chose Japan's flamboyant Kabuki theatre style as DJ alias. 2) A Belfast based alternative rock band. Four musicians from different musical backgrounds came together in late 2008 to form Kabuki, jamming out original material ranging from acoustic rock to ska to funk. http://www.myspace.com/kabukini 3) Kabuki ('82) is also the name of the early pre-Ausgang (Gothic Rock band from the UK). 4) A Midlands based band.

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