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Yafeu Akiyele Fula (October 9, 1977 - November 10, 1996) was a rapper who was part of the American rap group Tha Outlawz, who are best known for their collaborations with Tupac Shakur. While part of the Outlawz, he was known by the alias Yaki Kadafi. Fula was born to Yaasmyn Fula and Sekou Odinga in Irvington, New Jersey in 1977. His parents were proud of their African heritage, as suggested by their choice of his name: Yafeu means “bold” in the Fante language of Ghana. Fula met Tupac Shakur through their parents - they had met during the late 1970s at a black rights meeting. Career Yaki Kadafi was a member of the group Dramacydal who were also known as the Thoroheadz and Young Thugz; he went under the alias Young Hollywood. Yaki Kadafi and Hussein Fatal visited Tupac Shakur while he was incarcerated in jail. There were plans for Kadafi and Fatal to release material under the name "Fatal and Felony" but to this day nothing materialised from these plans. their group was named Outlaw Immortalz. When Tupac was out on bail and signed to Death Row Records he founded the group Tha Outlaw Immortalz, later to be known as Tha Outlawz. Hussein Fatal then suggested Tha Outlaw Immortalz instead, although in Shakurs song Hit 'em up he says "I'll let my little homies ride on you bitch" this comment was aimed at Biggie Smalls. The alias "Yaki Kadafi" was given to Yafeu Fula by Tupac when Tha Outlawz were created, as each member of Tha Outlawz had an alias that would coincide with the names of certain enemies of America. Following the untimely deaths of Tupac Shakur and Yaki Kadafi just two months apart, Tha Outlawz fell apart. Yaasmyn Fula, Yaki Kadafi's mother, released Son Rize: Volume 1;, A mixtape that featured unheard Kadafi music as well as mixed tracks, the money made from the sales helped supporting Yaki Kadafi's two daughters, Sekou Odinga and the community. Son Rize: Volume 2 is scheduled to be released soon, as is a book titled The Prince and The King which is based on Yaki Kadafi and Tupac Shakur. His name Akiyele originates from the Yoruba language of Nigeria. Tha Havenotz Tha Havenotz were started by, and included, Tupac Shakur and Yaki Kadafi along with Candyman 187. After the deaths of Tupac and Kadafi in 1996, the group’s development ground to a halt. Since then Candyman 187 and Yaasmyn Fula (mother of Yaki Kadafi) have been working toward rebuilding and reuniting Tha Havenotz. Also a huge contributor and part of the management team is Leila Steinberg, Tupac's original manager. Lead by Tupac's 'little brother' Candyman 187, Tha Havenotz are a group of talented rap artists, writers and producers who are concerned about the messages being relayed through today’s hip-hop and rap. Many of the group members are pioneers of hip-hop and rap bringing back the “REAL” issues that affect those who listen to their lyrics. From politics to social stigmas, Tha Havenotz have focused their message on today’s struggles which are similar to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s, The Black Panther Movement of the 70’s and the Crack and AIDS epidemic of the 80’s. Most recently in 2004, Candyman 187 was able to introduce a new generation of Havenotz who continue where the original group left off. The new Havenotz are a fusion of the young and the old. The revamped group consists of Candyman 187, Storm, Shock G, Mac Mall, Ray Luv, Hussein Fatal, Mopreme & Money-B. Havenotz Entertainment will release Son Rize Vol. 2, Candyman 187 - Young Strapped & Hopeless, Tha Havnotz Debut album & a Storm project. Their may even be a Fatal-N-Felony album. Fatal-N-Felony Long time Friend of Yaki Kadafi, Bruce "Hussein Fatal" Washington originally from the Plauge latter named Fugees & Dirt Birt. Joined Kadafi as Fatal-N-Felony & were set to release an album on Makaveli Records. Both child hood friends of Jersey, Fatal-N-Felony were said to of recorded 3 albums worth of music. Murder There are many rumours surrounding Yaki Kadafi's death. It has been reported that Yaki Kadafi was visiting his girlfriend in New Jersey when he was struck dead by a bullet, and that Tha Outlawz member Napoleon had admitted to hiphop magazine The Source that his cousin 'Roddy' had shot Yaki Kadafi whilst the two of them were intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. There is also the rumour that Yaki Kadafi's murder was in-fact over money. Another popular rumour suggests that he was killed because he said he could possibly identify the person who murdered 2Pac.

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