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Kadavar biography

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Kadavar is a progressive / hard / psychedelic rock band from Berlin, Germany. The play a sort of retro rock / proto-metal with occult themes. Current line-up: Christoph "Wolf" Lindemann - vocals, guitar Christoph "Tiger" Bartelt - drums Simon "Dragon" Bouteloup - bass Former members: Philipp "Mammut" Lippitz - bass 2) Kadavar is an old school death metal band formed in 2007 from Milan, Italy. The band managed to release a demo, EP, and a full length before disbanding in 2009. Before adopting the name Kadavar, the band was known by the name Bleeding Eyes. The Kadavar LP line-up was: Current line-up: Lorenzo "Evil Jeff" Bidoli - vocals, rhythm guitar Luca Braggion - lead guitar Luca Colucci - bass, vocals

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