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KadavriK is a band from Germany. Their music can roughly be described as melodic black metal with strong melodic death metal influences. Since the foundation in 2003/2004 the band played more than 60 gigs, with the bands performances granting lots of positive reception and loyal fans. They released two full length albums so far, "...The Die Is Cast" (2008) and "Wine Will Turn To Blood Again" (2009), which both recieved great reviews and were commended for the production, the artwork and most of all, the music itself. History: The band formed in 2003/2004 in the city of Wesel, Germany. In 2005 they recorded their first demo "Silhouettes", which spread quickly in the local underground, as well as playing the first 6 gigs. The second demo "Beyond Oblivion" was released in 2006, accompanied by 5 more shows in Germany as well as one in Norway. In 2007, despite 13 shows in Germany and Belgium, the first full length album called "...The Die Is Cast" was recorded at the Metallurgy Studios in Mönchengladbach, Germany by Andreas Funke (ex-Midwinter). This album was released in early 2008 and recieved a whole lot of superior reviews and allowed KadavriK to perform 11 more gigs, including at Manowar's "Magic Circle Festival", 2 shows in Paris, France as well as a headliner slot at the "Meh Suff!" open air in Switzerland. 2009 brought another step forward, with 14 shows all over Germany sharing the stage with Hollenthon, Vreid, Kampfar, Eisregen, Vader, Hate, Holy Moses, Disbelief, Orden Ogan, Grailknights, Jesus on Extasy, or Menhir as a supportact or on festivals like "Metal For Mercy", "Riedfest" and the "Hardline Therapy" in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the second full length album "Wine Will Turn To Blood Again" was released in 2009, once again recorded and mastered by Andreas Funke in the Metallurgy Studios. This album recieved many very good and some good reviews. All in all the reception was quite positive, with most of die reviews stating the band made further progress and even outstripped the first album. In 2010, so far (August) 11 live shows were performed with Unleashed, Six Feet Under, Jack Slater, Illdisposed, Disillusion, Tyr, Dark Age, Gorilla Monsoon, Vreid and Slechtvalk on Winternachtstraum Festival, Celle Rock City Festival and as a supportact. Adding to that, KadavriK took part in the "New Blood Award" of the "Summer Breeze Open Air" (2nd largest metal festival in Germany), surpassed more than 2500 other bands and scored second with their performance at the festival. Plans for the rest of the year include a tour through poland this fall and 5 shows in Germany. Founding members were: Niklas Preach (*1986, Vocals, Guitar) Oliver Rude (*1987, Backing vocals, Bass) Chris Boss (*1986, Guitar) Marc Reaper (*1986, Keys & Samples) Frank The Tank (*1987, Drums) Except for a short intermezzo with female singer in the beginning this lineup didn't change over the years.

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