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Kadebostan’s productions are multi-influenced. From dirty infectious electronic rythms to classical oriental orchestration, he melts it into one new thing, a unique vision of music with astonishing power and beauty. To achieve what he is looking for, Kadebostan explores unexpected grounds and even records original musicians like a Minsk chamber orchestra, street musicians from Romania... Released on labels such as Freude-am-Tanzen, Mental Groove and Fenou, his EP’s and remixes have all been highly acclaimed, leading him to perform live or as a dj in clubs like the Watergate, the Panorama Bar (Berlin), the Bunker (New York) to name a few. Kadebostan’s famed live shows are spectacular! Travelling with his custom made suitcase full of analog gear, Kadebostan focuses on his interaction with the audience. His live sets combine all his influences in an highly energetic and danceable primetime show turning the crowd into an absolute hypnotic dance frenzy (watch the selected videos on his myspace...) As a DJ, Kadebostan is always bridging the gap between past and future dance music. 2007 furnished a blooming young face to the recording industry, who with opulent melodic machinations, pressed in aromatic vinyl on FAT. A very special, attractive, style of its own with fervor and soul manifested itself on his debut. Intelligent- finely arranged sensing club music, inhabiting a location far away from the usual testosterone clamour unpeeled itself. The tracks, or rather songs from Kadebostan develop an unrestrained element, with the all-conquering passion, flavoured with various influences from music’s history. Reminiscent of classic and jazz at once, he generally draws inspiration from an eclectic sortiment of music and art. Especially through his fatherly feeling Kadebostan developed a unique understanding of tone art and therein dynamic. As a live act he offers his electronic music as a driven romantic art form without kitsch. He understands the technical principles used by the old guard. A magical temperamental closing of the ranks between exultant, kicking enthusiasm; building to a twirling intoxicating melodic understanding. There are electro-acoustic sounds of a special class. The one is a bath of multi-faceted waves of feeling in the heavens of the club emporium. With a whole lot of really positive verve, of which depth in native trust and in the natural laws appears to be spiced, grow rhythmically sounded images which live. These still dance flourishingly the temperament enlivened as documents in recorded form. Seldom is relished electronic dance music, from a person live so presented, multifarious warmth, at the same time rhythmically intense in focus on the senses and the compulsion to move. Magnificently swimming, collapsing house overseas techno with irresistible strength & a romantic dynamic – world hymns with swells and character sail over the ears into the heart chambers. „Everything, which we with warmth and enthusiasm grasp, is a type of love“ Releases: Vodka Wedding EP Freude Am Tanzen 2009 Caracas Soul EP Freude Am Tanzen 2007 Grand Theatre EP Fenou 2008 Ruff Dancer EP Freude Am Tanzen 2008 http://www.discogs.com/artist/Kadebostan http://www.myspace.com/kadebostan Yes, he touches deeeep inside!

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