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Kaemon biography

1. French hard trance project, produced by Nicolas Perrottey (DJ Space Raven). 2. Conceived in the fall of 2001,KAEMON began as vehicle for three brothers to indulge their taste for extreme music.Initially taking their influences from BLACK SABBATH,BLACK FLAG and early-METALLICA,the original line-up consisted of Wilsen Rivera on Lead Vocals/Bass,Willy Rivera on Guitars/Vocals and Leo Rivera on Drums/Percussion.This line-up would last 4 years before dissolving to due personal and musical differences in 2005.Wilsen began to concentrate on his PANDORA'S BOX project,Willy began letting his doom influences show in his new band LORD and Leo dropped out of music completely to concentrate on his career and starting a family.The original line-up would come together one last time to record their final album,"When Kingdoms Burn",before going on hiatus once again.When LORD came to an end in 2007,KAEMON was back in business with ex-DECEDENT drummer Jesse Pugh replacing Leo behind the Drums.The revamped line-up entered Sniper Studios w/Vince Burke in the spring of 2008 to record their 1st album entitled "The Duece".The album reflected not only their renewed sense of purpose and drive but their change in sound.They were letting their more rock styled influences from MOTORHEAD,CLUTCH and the MELVINS shine through.KAEMON would spend all of 2008 promoting the album and playing every show they could get their hands on,playing with the likes of SOURVEIN,ZOROASTER and UNORTHODOX.With 2008 coming to a close,the guys decided to make their next musical statement one that would not only challenge them as musicians but would challenge their audience as well.they decided to create a concept album based around the Lincoln Assassination and would mainly focus on the last days of Mary Surratt,the 1st woman to receive the death sentence in the U.S. for treason.As far as the music was concerned,the hooks and heaviness were still intact but were now being tempered with a strong sense of melody and emotion.The band would spend the next few months writing and rehearsing before entering Sniper Studios once again in March of 2009 to record their new album,"The Ballad Of Mary Surratt".the recording process was a success and the band plan on releasing the album in late spring to be followed by a few small tours and plenty of promotion.It looks to be promising year for the band and the band are determined to make things happen by any means necessary!!!

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