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Kaffe Matthews has been making and performing new music via all kinds of digital gadgetry all over the world for the past ten years. From a background in violin, shopkeeping, Zoology, drumming, acid house engineering and a masters in Music Technology, she is now most known for her live sampling performances of events and places in real time: processing in installation, on stage, in galleries, clubs, concert halls, tents, churches, the outback, warehouses, or ambient tea rooms. The music is vast, sculpted into textural landscapes, vibrating granular technohymns, noisy and beats via her on stage processing of sound from carefully placed microphones and an occasinal violin. Recently she has collaborated and performed with Christian Fennesz, mimeo, Charles Hayward, Jon Rose, Pan-sonic, Butch Morris' conduction, Andy Moor (the EX), the BROOD, Neotropic (aka Riz Maslem), Hayley Newman, Kingsuk Biswas (Bedouin Ascent), artist Mandy McIntosh (see http://www.backspace.org/mobilehome), Bruce Gilchrist and Joe Joelson (SYZYGY, interactive kite flying collaboration, where she was using weather data collected via the kites to compose) and has just returned from wiredup desert experiments with Australian wire music merchant Alan Lamb. Watch out for uplinked performances from the bush in 2001. Sites: Discogs.

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