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do not confuse: SEIRA 星羅 and Kagami Seira 加賀美セイラ are NOT same artist. Kagami Seira (加賀美セイラ) is a Japanese pop artist under the VAP record label, a fashion model signed with the Now Fashion Agency, and an actress. She is also a songwriter and writes the lyrics for some of her songs. Her debut mini-album "IdeAnimation" was released in February 2009. Kagami Seira was born Sara Arbour to a French-Canadian father (who is half French and half Polish) and a Japanese mother on June 13, 1987. She grew up in Tokyo, Japan with her two younger sisters and currently holds Dual Citizenship to Canada and Japan. Kagami has stated that though she is fluent in English, she first learned the language in an International School in Japan. In the year 2000, Kagami signed with the Now Fashion Agency, and began her career as a Fashion Model. Kagami began her music career on a compilation album titled A Piece of Water released by a-head records in 2006. She contributed three songs to the album: Loose, Don't Leave, and Christmas Is... which was sung with Lisa Cristobal Miyake, Kawabata Megumi, Sandii, and Ito Rie. In 2007, Kagami made her debut with the release of カレイドスコープ / 孤独のヒカリ (Kaleidoscope / Kodoku no Hikari). The song "Kaleidoscope" was featured on the Japanese singing television series "Song Star", while "Kodoku no Hikaru" was featured as the ending theme song to Demon Detective Nōgami Neuro. The single reached #160 on the Oricon charts. Early 2008, Kagami released her second single titled, roundabout / 心にカラフル (roundabout / Kokoro ni Colorful). The song "roundabout" was featured as the ending theme song for the anime Noramimi, while the other a-side, "Kokoro ni Colorful" was the ending theme for the Japanese dorama Guren Onna. On April 10th 2008, Kagami's official website announced she would be releasing two new songs (Never and Carry Me Away) that would be featured in an anime called Kaiba. Kagami wrote the lyrics for both songs and they were released digitally on iTunes and recorded under her first name Seira. Kagami's third single, Summer Day & Night / Star Sand was released June 24th, 2008. The song was a departure from her usual sound from her previous releases and combined dance and house music with her usual pop sound. "Summer Day & Night" was written and sung by Kagami in English, then remixed by ]Sound Around. The other a-side, "Star Sand" was written by Sato Chikuzen and remixed by Jazztronik]. Official twitter: https://twitter.com/seirakagami Official ameba: http://ameblo.jp/seira-kagami/

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