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Kangen Band is a pop music band from Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. Formed in 2005, the band consists of six members, namely Dodhy, Andika, Tama, IIM, Bebe, and Izzy. The popular single was "Tentang Bintang", and the adaptation of dangdut songs namely "Selingkuh" which included in their debut album on 2007 entitled "Tentang Aku, Kau & Dia". Although listed as a band in the Indonesian music scene, this band has the underdog achievement for a band. Kangen Band was able to collect mass and without any fans who played their own video clips on television. Automatic band reap the ranks of fans through the spread of pirated CDs and VCDs. There are rumors that they already have a stock of 472 songs that were created by their own that is already on their debut album and their next album. In 2007, they starred in a soap opera titled "Aku Memang Kampungan" which tells of their career. A year after the debut album was released, Kangen Band released their second album entitled "Bintang 14 Hari" and presents the music of different taste by displaying the elements of Malays as well as exploring the elements of Java. In this album, Kangen Band using a music arranger Andi Bayau and backing vocals who are still loyal to them, Eren. And on May 6, 2009, Kangen Band launched their third album entitled "Pujaan Hati" with the main single track "Terbang Bersamaku". Besides playing music, Kangen Band will also be testing the film world. This is related to the life story of them who shall be appointed to the big wide screen. And this film will be directed by Lola Amaria. In 2011, Kangen Band released new album entitled Jangan Bertengkar.

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