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Kanstantsin Yaskou (Канстанцін Яськоў (By); Константин Яськов (Rus)) (b. December 29, 1981, Vetka, Belarus). Mr. Yaskov studied composition with Viktor Voytik and conducting with Nikolay Kolyadko at the Belarusian Academy of Music in Minsk from 2001–06, where he graduated with a diploma. He then had post-graduate studies in composition there with Viktor Voytik from 2006–08. In addition, he studied composition with Aleksander Lasoń at the Academy of Music in Katowice in 2008, on a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Polish government. His music has been performed in Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. He is a founder and an organizer of the International Festival “DIALOGUES: young composers and performers” which took place at the Belarusian State Academy of Music in Minsk (2007 and 2009). He is a member of Belarusian Composers Union since 2006. In 2010 he co-founded Association of Young Belarusian Composers and now he is a head of the organization. He has taught analysis and contemporary-music theory at the Belarusian Academy of Music in Minsk since 2008 and the transcription of recordings of Belarusian folk music at the Belarusian University of Culture and Art in Minsk since 2008.

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