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Kante biography

Kante is a band from Hamburg, Germany which was founded in 1995. Their music is basically a mix of "Hamburger Schule" and Jazz with a few Pop-, Post-, and Indie-Rock elements. Their lyrics are mostly melancholic and thought-provoking. Before their fifth album "Die Tiere sind unruhig" Kante was nearly about to split up as their way of making music has become too outstanding and explicit. Their new album though is much more vital and has filled them again with joy and fun making music. Discography: Kante plays Rhythmus Berlin (2007) Die Tiere Sind Unruhig (2006) Akustik Sessions (2006) Zombi (2004) Zweilicht (2001) Zwischen Den Orten (1997) Homepage: http://www.kantemusik.de/

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