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Band 1. Kappa is a rock trio from Liverpool A/K/A The "Amazing KAPPA", England. Led by guitarist and vocalist, Paul Kappa formed Kappa in the nineties and is backed by Martin Byrne on bass guitar and Tony Smith on Drums. The band specialise in a hard hitting guitar-led rock style with a unique style. Playing original material and cover versions of such luminaries as Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Julie London. Original albums released include: Living @ the End Of The World - 2003 Guitar Hero - 2004 Electrical Storm - 2006 Death Western - 2007 Mountains of The Moon - 2007 Further information at; Cavern Club merchandise at 2. Philippe Keyser's brainchild, Kappa, brought a new, energetic, and inventive vision of the new jazz sound in Montreal. This large (15 or more musicians) ensemble specializes in interpreting long, avant-garde compositions. Philippe Keyser, a Montreal drum teacher, founded Kappa in 1996. The 15- to 20-piece ensemble resembles a stage band: the brass section (trumpets, trombones, and saxes) takes up two-thirds of the personnel. Electric bass, electric guitar, keyboards, and drums complete the lineup, with occasional harmonica, bagpipes, or violin. Kappa toured North America and Europe in 1997 and released its first CD, Kappa, in 1998. It was very well-received by the jazz and avant-garde communities, but the public was hard to reach (their participation in the 1998 Montreal International Jazz Festival was canceled because of legal problems with the Musicians' Guild). The ensemble's repertoire includes pieces written especially for it by Tim Brady, James Harley, and Paul Dolden, together with works by Steve Lacy and Don Ellis. Kappa once again met critical acclaim with the release of their second CD, Bien Serré, in May 2000. But the fact that both albums were independently released and that the band is still being ignored by high-profile new music or jazz events is significant: Kappa's burning-hot brand of new stage band sound has yet to make its mark. 3. Alias of Kraig Martin a.k.a Special K for the release Stand Up on True Playaz.

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