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Ever since I was a child I have loved music. I used to sing along with every song I heard and could memorise and reproduce a melody with little effort. Unfortunately, nobody supported my musical ambitions and, rather than enter a music school or a conservatory, I followed a more conventional education route, obtaining a degree in humanities. However, you cannot lie to yourself forever. After a while I realised that the path I had taken was not for me. I was unhappy and could not sleep at night. Something important was missing from my life. I looked deep inside myself and saw the unfulfilled dreams of my childhood. From that moment a new sense of joy and harmony filled my life. I am incredibly happy that I was able to find the strength to pursue this goal; that whilst I am still young I also have a wealth of life experience to draw upon. I believe I can move mountains to recognise my dream to be a singer. Nothing can stop me! I wish to share my creativity, my passion and my soul with the world. I want to inspire others; to give them the strength and the courage to realise their dreams. I am currently working on recording my debut album. It will be called ‘Simply a woman’ and is planned for release in 2011.

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