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Karamel biography

1) Karamel, sometimes stylized as KaraMel, was a bubblegum-pop duo from Toronto, Ontario, Canada that formed in 2008. KaraMel was made up of Kara Lane and Cassie Steele. The band originally appeared on the show disBAND, where the lineup was Kara and the original "Mel," Julie. Sarah Scherb later replaced the original "Mel" of the group. Due to Sarah wanting to go back to school, Cassie took Sarah's spot. Cassie left the band in March 2011, while Kara started a new project, titled The Boom Boom, officially putting an end to the Karamel project. 2) Karamel was formerly Johann Scheerer from Hamburg. He was making music since 2005. The latest release was called "Maschinen" and should be the last one he puts out. "Karamel is over" wrote Johann 2009 on his myspace. But there will be other projects to come. 3) Karamel - czech rock band http://www.karamelrock.cz

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