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Karanyi biography

Dániel Karányi was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1982. He learnt classical piano for over 6 years, and he loved the early progressive rock bands like Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and Jethro Tull. After a while he began to make his own music on his first computer and he made a lot of experimental tracks. When he was 18 he went to Underground Records and one year later they released his first album called 'Oktogon'. The first album was a fusion of classical, jazz and electronical music and Dani became famous by 'Dallam'. Many remixers (Paul Rogers, Fandora, Easy Life Natural, Mannel, Pluto Project, Banyek) made remixes for this song and released on many compilation discs around Europe - like in France, German, Brittan, Holland, Greece, and Italy. Dani also worked with other artist in Hungary and abroad - like Addie Brik (singer from the early Red Hot Chili Peppers), co-produced a Hungarian pop band (Ízis - Sony Music), written film score ('A Valóság' - Independent), made videogame music and effects ('Sir Atrhur') and composed music for a play. In April 2004 he changed publisher and he went to CLS Records. He made his first EP called Road to Home (in Hungarian 'Hazaút'). The new material is much different like before: more popular, more exciting then ever. This is the first only-on-internet EP in Hungary. Many artists made their remixes for Road To Home like Szakos Krisztián, Andrewboy, AudioToolz, Zoohacker és Ch.i.p. The Road To Home video is different too like most of the Hungarian videos. It's a fully 3D designed action video. Then he made his second album - called DIGITAL DIGITAL released in November 2004. Many new artists collaborated on this album, like the vocalist Keszthelyi Virág, the American Chris Alexander (ex-Warpigs), Judie Jay, MC Jammin', MC Columbo, and others. The second album is more exciting like before. Most of the tracks are faster, stronger and popular inspirated by UK garage, breakbeat and classical music.

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