Kardiofonas top 20 songs


Kardiofonas biography

Kardiofonas was a Lithuania rock/pop group formed in early 80's. Group members were from same hospital in Kaunas. The Band name - "Kardiofonas" (cardio background) rise from the respect for cardiologist doctors. Band leader was Rimantas Giedraitis. Kardiofonas released only one official album - Šliaužk į kopas (Crawl into Dune) in 1987. "Kalėdų Eglutė" (Christmas Tree) is most famous band song, lyrics writen by poet A. A. Jonynas. It is about an atomic war, lyrics are mystic, full of strange rhyms. This song is still most popular Christmas song and one of the greatest song in Lithuanian pop music history. Other famous songs are "Joninių gatvės romansas" (Feast Of John street romance), "Šliaužk į kopas" (Crawl Into dene, based by Queen's "Radio Ga Ga", song about Lithuanian biggest resort Palanga), "Sutraiškytos medūzos" (Crushed medusas - a funny song about medusas and sea). Band didn't avoid political themes too, especially in song "Atviras laiškas rubliui" (Open letter to rouble). Kardiofonas disbanded in 1989 when freedom movement started and members felt play out. Mixing modern 80's synthesizer sound with funny and snide lyrics, "Kardiofonas" was one of most important bands in Lithuanian rock scene with such legends like Antis or Foje.

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