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Growing up in Brooklyn (Do or Die) Bed-Stuy Karen Bernod always performed in neighborhood talent shows. Her favorite songs were usually by female artists such as Natalie Cole, Chaka Khan, Robeta Flack and Stephanie Mills. The youngest of three, Karen is a native New Yorker. She attended Erasmus Hall High School and she was very active in Music, Theater and Student government. She was Senior Class president and a member of the female choir “Cantata”. She majored in Music at New Paltz University (SUNY) and took a leave of absence after one year to pursue her music career. Karen’s mother was reluctant at first with her request to leave school. “She told me she knew I was blessed with a gift and she trusted me to make the right decision and apply all that she taught me throughout my life. So, thanks to my mama- “HERE I’M IS.” Karen became the warm up for the Bill Cosby show. She was a principal in the off Broadway play “Mama I Want To Sing.” Her first jingle (Thanks to Bernie Drayton) was a Budweiser spot w/Tone Loc. Shortly after that Karen started singing Background Vocals for various HOUSE artists, which landed her an opportunity to co-write & perform the club classic “MOTHERLAND” produced by Winston Jones. Karen was the vocal (Doo-Wop) consultant and vocalist for Paul Simon’s production of “Cape Man” with the fabulous Marc Anthony and Reuben Blades. She also recorded two of Paul Simon’s CD projects as well as Ru-Paul, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and Stephanie Mills to name a few. Most recently Karen traveled abroad to perform and record with D’Angelo and Erykah Badu. Two ground breaking artists who both broadened the minds of those who might not have been exposed to the Old School sounds of Soul music otherwise. Karen also has three featured cuts on INCONGNITO’s current CD “No Time Like The Future” Marrakech- More Of Myself and Yesterday’s Dream. “It is important in this Business called Music to keep a Level head, stay Humble and Respect each other’s Craft.” Karen’s solo endeavor is now in full effect and she is excited as well as eager to give ya’ll some “othaness.” Hence the title “Some Othaness 4 U.,” She chose this title because her music encompasses all of her influences from Marvin to Ella, Natalie to Chaka, Curtis to D’Angelo and Billie to Erykah. Karen believes we enter each others lives for a reason, Divine Intervention. There are (9) tracks of originals that she wrote, arranged along with Producers Greg Spooner and Norman Keyes Hurt. Her lyrical content is basically about Life-History, and Plain ol’fun. “Being a Blessed Messenger through song, allows me to share all my Funk, Soul and Rhythms with you, The World! and remember Success without Substance = Emptiness.”

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