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Karen Mantler (born 1966) is an American jazz musician and composer. She is the daughter of Carla Bley and Michael Mantler. Mantler appeared on the album Escalator Over the Hill as a child, which featured both her parents. She learned glockenspiel and was a member of her mother's band from 1977 to 1980. She studied organ and piano at the Berklee College of Music. In 1987 she formed her own ensemble for recording; she has released several discs of material, including two on ECM, since then. She toured Europe with her own band twice, and played at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. As the organist of the Carla Bley Big Band, she toured Europe again in 1992. Discography * My Cat Arnold with Steven Bernstein, Pablo Calogero, Eric Mingus, Marc Muller, Jonathan Sanborn, Steve Weisberg, Ethan Winogrand (ECM Records, 1988) * Karen Mantler and Her Cat Arnold Get the Flu with Steven Bernstein, Carla Bley, Pablo Calogero, Michael Mantler, Eric Mingus, Marc Muller, Jonathan Sanborn, Steve Swallow, Steve Weisberg, Ethan Winogrand (Xtra Watt, 1990) * Farewell (ECM, 1996) * Karen Mantler's Pet Project with Steven Bernstein, Carla Bley, Hiram Bullock, Pablo Calogero, Michael Evans, Kato Hideki, Eric Mingus, Arturo O’Farrill, Gary Valente (Angel Records, 1999)

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