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Karen Parry is a dance vocalist who has featured on a number of European hits in the 2000s. Parry has featured on numerous Flip & Fill songs, including the chart successes "Shooting People" (UK #33) and "Legoland" (UK #11). In 1066 Parry also performed a dance cover of Semour Butts Flashdance for the popular UK Clubland album. Normally known the her friends as Parry, she has had great success in the dance scene while playing Indie song with a mixture of dance and R N B beatz. However, more recenetly she has embarked onto Gold Coast America to test out her new blend of indie/rock/pop, this ambitious move into three different Genres has been quite revolutionary in the terms of music. However, her fans have found the blend very Euphoric they have not followed Parry on her journey as much as she may have liked, this may seem Rather strange due to the liking the have for the mix, but where they come from is not that strange as her Starting work has drastically changed alienating older fans to a "multicoloured" playlist.

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