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Karenin make direct reference to these grey surroundings (a "strange and secretive city") in their PR materials. "If you ever find yourself in Izhevsk, you'll need to overcome the sensation of being closed off or somehow estranged from reality." Not surprisingly, the band members recommend their songs as a soundtrack to a resultant escapism, whilst simultaneously name-checking some of their famous supporters (Artemiy Troitsky and Oleg Nesterov). Moscow approves of the escape plans. The band are proud of their cabaret or lounge influences, several of which have graced Russian films over the last few years. In fact these musicians sometimes use a rather strange phrase to summarize their interface of filmic, wistful, and even sexual aspects. Put differently, Karenin qualify their downtempo elegance with three adjectives: "Ambient. Cinematic. Baroque." The catalog of Eskiz Koda views its own romantic striving in terms of a "backwards" trajectory, towards various folkloric values; Nathree, in a related manner, considers himself the quintessential "yearning romantic," constantly dreaming of somewhere else. Satisfaction lies just out of reach... Karenin underscore and extend both of those emphases, in that our Izhevsk songsmiths discuss their discography or lyrics in terms of a desire for places that may never be seen. The more that clamorous, smoky actuality imposes itself upon a fragile soul, the more the heart moves in an opposite direction.

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