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Kargo biography

Kargo is a rock band from Istanbul, Turkey. The band has been founded in 1991. They published their first album in 1993 but they split up when it did not have major success. The sound of the band during this phase was significantly different from its current incarnation with a female lead vocalist Deniz Aytekin (Kaya). In 1994, Mehmet and Selim found new group members including a new male lead vocalist. So the new crew is; Mehmet Şenol Şişli on bass guitar, Selim Öztürk on electric guitar, Koray Candemir on vocals, Burak Karataş on drums and Serkan Çeliköz on keyboards. The second album released in 1996 attained more success and ensured the band's continuity. And they released the most successful rock album in the band's history and in the Turkish Rock History; in the summer of 1998, "Yalnızlık Mevsimi". After that they had an another album but it has not been liked by most of the fans very much. Mehmet Şenol Şişli, who wrote most of the Kargo's songs, left the group in 2001 and the group split up again. They have reunited in 2004 but without Mehmet Şenol Şişli. In two years, they published 2 more albums. Now they are working on their new album and also continue to give concerts and get together with their fans. You can get more information about KARGO on their unofficial web site (www.kargoonline.com) Discography : 1- Sil Baştan (1994) 2- Yarına Ne Kaldı (1996) 3- Sevmek Zor (1997) 4- Yalnızlık Mevsimi (1998) 5- Sen Bir Meleksin (2000) 6- Herkesin Geçtiği Yoldan Geçme (2000) 7- Best of Kargo (2001) 8- Ateş ve Su (2004) 9- Yıldızların Altında (2005)

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