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There are two bands named Karhu 1) Avant-Garde/ Electronica Band 2) Metal band from the UK 1) kARHu is the project of Niklas Klügel / lodsb (producer) and the guitarist Haris Durakovic, both from Munich / Germany. Sinfonia For The Blunt Sword is their second release (2008) after the "seven/sixteen" E.P. 2007 on jamendo.de homepage: http://www.karhumusic.org/ 2) In 2006 forming band members Joseph Parry and Oliver Davis-Gower met in college and formed a band under the guise of Sijkmotiv3. After writing numerous E.P's and 2 full length (unreleased) albums the duo struggled on for 5 years as a pair until they eventually came into contact with Osku Kinnunen in Finland and Matthew Morris a few towns over in the UK. Osku Kinnunen joined the band and instantly changed the way the band sounded. He was at a higher technical level than the rest of the band at this point and really helped create the foundation of the bands sound with regards to the guitars and vocals. Osku is currently the only member of the band living in Finland and the band record their albums / tracks int he UK and send each other the files via the internet. With Osku in the band the name of the band was up for debate and they quickly changed the name to a more professional and authentic / relevant name of Karhu. It means "Bear" in Finnish and signifies the power of the music they create. A year after Osku joined the band, Karhu came into contact with Matthew Morris whom Joe and Ollie met at a local warehouse due to a job they were working at the time. Matt was a guitarist and still is, however he decided to join Karhu and take up position on the bass for both fun and to help forge a career in music. The band are now working as hard as possible to bring you the power and interest in their music that can project the passion and creativity involved. Look out, they're taking over this town. Vocally Karhu cover Lamb of God and Chris Cornell styled vocals, riff wise they head into Dream Theater, Opeth, Stam1na and Lamb of God territories and lastly the drums are heavily influenced and focused on groove and energy. Rage Against The Machine and Pantera come to mind.

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