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Karl Biscuit was a French electropop artist with avant-garde leanings. He recorded for the Crammed record label and was closely connected with artists such as Tuxedomoon and Aksak Maboul. The following is from the Crammed website: He came from the world of contemporary ballet and became a mysterious cult figure following his three releases which combined electro beats, tongue-in-cheek romantic darkness and strange mambo influences: "Regrets Eternels" (1984), "Fatal Reverie" (1986), and "Secret Love" (1987), which were all re-released on one CD in 2003, as part of the Crammed Global Soundclash re-issue series. Karl Biscuit went back to his first love and formed successful modern dance company Castafiore, which he co-directs to this day, and for which he continues to create intriguing soundtracks, early examples of which are compiled in the "Aktualismus" album, which came out in the Made To Measure series in 1991.

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