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Formed in Gdynia, Poland in 1998. Absurd, piss-take, Dada, Psychedelia, drug-trip, Noise, avant, free. Music of KSAS bursts at the seams - just like one of gods in the film “Spirited Away” it tries to devour everything it comes across. The musicians admit to be fascinated by Knurl and The Lovelites, Yahowa 13 and George Michael, Spiritualized and Beyonce. Maybe Slawek was right - it sometimes sounds as if the music was recorded in a dustbin (if you don’t know WTF click here http://vimeo.com/9303985 ). Each of the vocalists takes a listener on a journey to the depth of their soul. Szymon Albrzykowski is responsible for destructively primitivistic trips. Cent quoting poetry by Wojaczek, Poswiatowska or by his friend Piotr Szwabe reaches to the darkest abyss of melancholy. Karol settles sweet English-language songs against the background of noises and discords. Borys swings his fist and warns. Lee DVD simply gets high and flies away. KSAS goes for pure, spontaneous energy. The albums are recorded at 100%, without any preparations or rehearsals. Professing the motto ‘taking drugs to make music to take drugs to’ for 11 years of its activity the band has been altering its line-up and image. Its output includes kitsch, sentimental songs played in dub-click versions, it has dabbled in various circles of so-called indie music (though it’s not completely clear if the music was indie or if the musicians were indifferent). One thing is for certain: KSAS definitely is lo-fi and wall of delays. www.nasiono.net/ksas

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