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Karpatia biography

The Carpathians, the mountains that surround the Hungarian ethnicity and have become the symbol of this region. There are 2 artists using this name: - The hungarian folk band, - The hungarian rock band. 1) The folk band: Kárpátia (Carpathia) Ensemble has recently been founded by well-known folk musicians. All members of the band are in their mid-twenties; they belong to the third generation of the so-called “dancing house” movement, an attempt to save folk culture from oblivion and urbanisation. Year by year they take part at numerous festivals and other programs of this genre (for example at “Kaláka” Nemzetközi Folkfesztivál, Országos Táncháztalálkozó és Kirakodó-vásár, Szezonnyitó Táncház, etc.). In addition to these the group is also published on the recordings of the above events. more info: http://www.folkinfo.hu/karpatia/karpatgb.htm http://www.etnofon.hu/carpathia.html http://www.etnofon.hu/Vasarang.htm 2) The rock band: Kárpátia was formed in 2003 and they are one of the many hungarian nationalist rock bands. Their teamup is: Attila Bankó-drums, Tamás Bíró-guitar, Levente Csiszár-guitar, Gábor Galántai-keyboard and János Petrás-vocals and bass guitar. They’ve got 6 albums: Így volt, így lesz /2003/, Hol vagytok székelyek /2003/, Tűzzel, vassal /2004/, Hősi énekek /2005/ and Piros, fehér, zöld /2006/, Istenért,hazáért! /2007/, Idők Szava /2008/. They also have the single “Neveket akarok hallani” for the memory of the hungarian revolution in 1956 against the communist regime. They are more “peaceful” than the others, their song lyrics not as explicit as others, they rather make you think about things. They also involve some folk motives in their songs. website: www.karpatiazenekar.hu

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