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Karpe-DM Carpe Diem ( Latin : Seize the day ) n. 1. Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of one moment. Josh (31), Better know as Karpe-DM has been Dj'ing for over 7 years, establishing himself at the forefront of the hard dance scene in Australia! Starting as a bedroom Dj, it was only 2 short months before he landed his first gig at 3D Nightclub, then at PHD shortly after. His popularity grew quickly, and picked up weekly residencies at 3D, PHD, Elevation, Tuned, Infeckted, and guest spots at Bubble Nightclub. It was a natural progression that led Josh to music production in 2008. He produced "8th Wonder" along with J!XAW, and it was released on Blutonium Records in June 2008. Like a avalanche, releases started flowing from 'DM's studio, and he released his first smash hit, along with Soul-T "Oceans" on PHD Digital. In 2009, Karpe-DM proved he wasnt just talk, and Won the Victorian Harddance Dj Comp, earning him a spot in the Defqon line up. Now considered a veteran in the scene, he has played at some of this biggest parties in Australia including: Defqon.1 ( 2009, 2010), Magic City ( 2010), Pharmacy (05,06,07 ) Earthcore, Sunshine People, Ultraworld, and Beautiful Day. Malaysia was next on 'DMs Hitlist in 2010, as the headline act, and also producing the anthem at "Freedom 360" to a sold out crowd! Karpe-DM now owns and runs his own digital label "Monstertraxx" which was set up in 2010 as a sub label to PHD Digital. Huge tracks, such as" Premonition ( Karpe-DM Remix ) " Monstertraxx" , and "Seize the Day" featured on the Defqon.1 CD compilation mixed by Nik Fish and Wildstylez. 2011 will prove to be no exeption for this explosive Dj with Monstertraxx set to expand! Be sure to keep an eye on this Australian up and comer! For more info go to www.facebook.com/djkarpedm or www.youtube.com/djkarpedm

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