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Karsten Troyke (born Karsten Bertolt Sellhorn on 14 August 1960 in Berlin) is a German singer, actor, and speaker. He is best known as an interpreter of Yiddish song. Life Performing on stage since 1982, Troyke had earlier worked as a gardener and with mentally handicapped children. He studied singing (with Leonore Gendries) as well as drama and speaking, and in 1990 he gave up his work to dedicate himself completely to musical performance and theater. Troyke participated in radio plays, worked as a voice actor (dubbing), and participated in various stage plays. As a singer, his album Yiddish Anders (1992) received the praise of German record critics. Jidische Vergessene Lieder (1997) contained previously unpublished songs of Sara Bialas Tenenberg, who became his mentor for the Yiddish language. In his performances Troyke often works with Bettina Wegner, Suzanna and the Trio Scho. His interpretations of the songs of Georg Kreisler received mention in the writer/musician's 2005 biography. In 2006 two documentaries, Yiddish Soul and Concert Yiddish Soul, featured Troyke and other performers of Yiddish music. Work Books Fritz Mordechai Kaufmann Old Yiddish Songs, reprint from Berlin 1920 (2001), with translations by Troyke Recordings 1991 Shuloym Alaykhem (1991) 1992 Yiddish Anders (Hermann Anders - Band) 1994 Leg den Kopf auf meine Knie, with writings of Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, Itzik Manger und Abraham Sutzkever 1996 Grüne Blätter 1997 Jidische Vergessene Lieder 1999 Shuloym Alaykhem - The Old Yiddish Songs 1998 Troyke singt Kreisler 2001 Chanson Total with Suzanna 2005 Grüne Blätter (remastered) 2006 Tango Oyf Yiddish 2008 Unser war die Nacht (with Suzanna & Trio Scho) In collaboration: 1993 Tu Balval, Suzanna 1994 Váci Utca, Peter M. Haas, Martin Frisch 1995 T&FF Rudolstadt '94 1997 Diadromes, Alec Kopyt & Poza (klezmer and Gypsy music) 1998 Dui Dui, Suzanna 1999 Jazz Lyrik Prosa II 1999 Old Russian Popsongs, Trio Scho 1999 Wege, Bettina Wegner 2000 Mit Josh um halb acht, reading of Josh Sellhorn 2000 Lachen und lachen lassen 2001 Schlaf schneller, Genosse, Ursula Karusseit, Günther Junghans, Trio Scho 2001 Alles, was ich wünsche, Bettina Wegner 2002 Schweineparadies, Die Bösen Mädchen 2003 Mein Bruder, Bettina Wegner 2004 Liebeslieder, Bettina Wegner 2005 Jazz Lyrik Prosa III 2007 Bettina Wegner Abschiedstournee

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