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Kary Ng (traditional Chinese: 吳雨霏) as her original name was 吳家穎, is a cantopop singer and actress in Hong Kong. Kary was born on June 9, 1986. She can speak Cantonese, English, and French. She joined the girl group Cookies in 2002. After the group was disbanded, she joined the band Ping Pung in 2005. Now she is a solo artist, and she has released three albums so far: "With A Boy Like You" (2006), "In Control" (2007), and "Lady K:Transformation" (2008). Filmography: She has recently appeared in a Cantonese movie called "Love @ First Note" in which she starred alongside fellow canto-pop singers Justin Lo (側田), Alex Fong (方力申), Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) and Theresa Fu (傅穎). 姓名:吴雨霏 组合成员: 性别:女 原名:吴家颖 英文名:Kary 出生年:1986年 生日:6月9日 星座:双子座 国籍:中国 地域:港台 职业:歌手 演员 奖项: 身高:167cm 血型: 三围: 嗜好:跳舞、唱歌、网球、篮球

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