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We could have lost this half-European,half-Tibetan 26 year old artist to an award-winning career in graphic design. Kate Wax dumped the pixel massive to channel her creativity through music, having found the right machines much like one finds the right person to share life with. Born on the shores of Lake Geneva,Kate Wax traveled extensively to exotic locations early in life with her grandmother. Escaping to other worlds provided her with the inspiration to create imaginary ones for us today – and training as a soprano chorist fine-tuned her captivating crystal-clear voice. There is no shadow men/producer lending a hand to her music except on rare occasion,and that helping hand is bound to get slapped a few times : Kate Wax is in control. A much-impressed Felix da Housecat won’t tell you otherwise. Remember “Let Your Mind Be Your Bed” and “Romantique” ? You probably do. DJ Assault the Detroit ghetto-tech icon has been the first to dare a remix. The music of Kate Wax will be filed under electro-pop,because it’s electronic and retains the verse-chorus-verse format. But it’s a highly personal hybrid, the result of do-it-yourself digital tinkering with influences ranging from early new-wave legends to 21st century neopop divas – she’s got what it takes to become one herself. Her first self-written and produced album on Mental Groove Records Kate Wax new album "Reflections of th Dark Heat" features a rich blend of styles:up and downtempo minimal techno,electro-punk grime,ambient-industrial blues and more,all driven by her unique,warm and seductive vocal delivery. From old-school rapping to whispered lament,Kate Wax reveals a wide spectrum of emotions. Thirteen club jams and headphone listening tunes,switching from Bauhaus to PJ Harvey,from Cabaret Voltaire to Cologne techno and so on,often within the same track. Popping bass, reduced lo-fi ‘bricolage’ and breaks everywhere, Kate Wax builds her own universe with the mind of a techie and the grace of an Eurasian princess. Morphing into the sexy vamp, the unruly teenager,the melancholic girl-next-door,the club freak and a whole cast of characters you wish were your friends,her lyrics touch upon the subject of women in electronic music in a charismatic and self-affirming way. Goodbye plastic puppets, hello Kate Wax. Alone on stage in Germany,the UK… in Lebanon and Siberia even, she does much more than stand her ground looking fine. Kate Wax plays a mean live set with true stage presence and a strong connection to her audience that will only grow over time. Kate Wax is teaming up with Border Community to unveil a bold collection of dark, unconventional vocally-exhilarating electronic post-pop by the name of Dust Collision.

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