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Hello! I have been a musician all my life, and am now trying to pursue my dream of becoming a singer songwriter. While I am finishing my first album of all originals songs, I have begun posting my own versions of video game themes to get my voice out there! Everything you hear on these renditions is me. I arranged, performed, recorded and mixed these myself. All the instruments are real, and if I must use synth instuments (such as on my version of Sally's Song) I perform them from my piano. I also wrote lyrics to the themes that had none. I hope you will enjoy these and feel a nostagic shiver if you are a veteran gamer ^0^. Comments are highy appreciated! ^0^ Please visit me at my "main office" LOL which is my youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/katethegreat19 I am more often on there, so it's easier to catch the new songs, hear about upcoming releases, listen to all the songs and view all the fan-made music videos to my covers ^_^ The sound quality is better too ^_^ My album got pushed back (waiting for copyrights to come back) so it'll be early next year before I can release it >w< I will also be releasing my stage name (which is under wraps till then ^0^)

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