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Katherine is 4 piece indie-rock band from Spain, or a punk two-piece band from Columbus, Ohio, USA. Katherine (Spain): Band Members: Loren: vocals, guitar. Juan Alfonso: guitar, keys, backing vocals. David: bass, backing vocals. Joaquin: drums, percussion. After 10 years of messing around with other bands, other countries and milkyways, 4 friends got together again. Band gets reformed in January 2008. As a tribute to Miss Hepburn we came out with the very simple name Katherine. Our sound is fully guitar and melody driven. The band does not follow any particular group however we could list as inspiration such bands as Interpol, The National, Killers, Smiths, Posies, Bowie, Beatles and a very long etc... Facts: Jan 08: they recorded a song for a regional beer company, the song was released on a compilation CD nationally distributed as a freebie on a couple of magazines. Oct 08: They came second on the National Global Battle of the Bands. Dec 08: Regional Tv Canal 7 chooses 'Wearing Out' by Katherine as a main song for their program 7 Motor. Jan 09: 5 songs EP has been released, produced by powerpopper ROSS, a good friend and a better songwriter/performer. 500 copies will be available for anybody out there wanting one. Katherine (Ohio): dirty loudmouth shouty queer bass/drums two-piece from Columbus, Ohio Members: catherine & kathryn Founded: March 2013

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