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Kathy Linden was an American pop singer from Moorestown Township, New Jersey. Linden scored two hits on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 late in the 1950s. The first was "Billy", a song originally written in 1911; it hit #7 in 1958. The second was "Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye", which rose to #11 in 1959. Both singles were released on Felsted Records and featured Joe Leahy's backing orchestra. "Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye" incorporated elements of two previous tunes - the British music hall song "Two Lovely Black Eyes" and the country song "Goodbye Little Darling". There were a few covers, the biggest of which was by Ruby Murray in the UK. At the time of her first hit single Kathy was a married woman in her 20s, but her record company wanted her to appear as a child due to her childish voice.

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