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Early life Garbi began her singing career with her younger sister Liana as the "Garbi Sisters" when she was just 15 years old and Liana 13. Due to their tender ages, their father was against their careers as singers, but did not want to stand in the way of any promising future the two might have. He always was there as a "guardian angel" to protect them. Garbi learned from a very young age how to work and earn her way, she remembers she and Liana drinking milk during those performances in clubs. She and her sister are most remembered for the back-up vocals they provided at Yannis Floriniotis's performances in the early eighties. Personal life On meeting male popstar Dionisis Schinas, Garbi realized the presence of sudden spark between both of them. They went on dating for a lengthy period during the early 90's, including 1993 when Garbi participated in a duet with none other that Dionisis Schinas himself. Rumours began to fly, that the duet put them in something a lot deeper then a normal business collaboration, however in the coming months, they were to take separate paths and continue on with their solo careers. In the time after they both were seeing other people; Dionisis was seen various times with another singer, Elli Kokkinou who was at the beginning of her entrance into the music industry. Nevertheless, this couple was not meant to be, as Dionisis still had his eyes set on Garbi and this time was not going to let her get away because he knew there was something special that both of them felt disregarding their small age gap. On May 4, 1997, Garbi married modern pop singer Dionisis Schinas and in June of 1999, the couple had their first child, a baby boy. Early Solo Career Breaking away from the duo with her sister Liana, Garbi broke the ice into the music industry with her first ever solo song "Sain Trope", which quickly became a hit. Her first appearance in discography came in 1987, when she appeared as one of the artists on a new compillation CD called Ta Deka Dekaria alongside other fresh new singers including Manto, Polina, Sofia Vossou and Laurentis Mahairitsas. In this CD she appeared in two tracks "Sain Trope" and also in a duet with Kostas Haritodiplomenos called "Glyka". With the success of this album, the second volume was released in 1989 which featured Garbi in two new numbers "Ah, Afto Mou Aresei" and "Zo Na S'agapo". This successful entrance into the Greek music industry lead her to her first music contract with CBS Records Greece, which very soon became Sony Music Greece, paving the way for her first studio album in 1989.

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